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Here are some user comments about our products:
These multiplexers from ShipModul are really good! The possibilities are endless. When you build a navigation system, there's no gregorian knot anymore. That's what I like about them. You (or a customer) come up with an NMEA chaos, throw in a MiniPlex, shake and there's order....

Jugo Baya, Shiptron

The Netherlands
I would just like to say that very few products in this world exceed what they advertise to do. If you have ever tried to interface multiple talkers and listeners with a 4800 bps serial port interface, it will drive you nuts. The USB to NMEA0183 bridge/interface unit is one device that does so. I installed it, and it worked flawlessly...
I had spent many man hours trying to get things to work with serial ports/multiplexers/expanders/usb to rs232 interface units and finally gave up. Bought the the ShipModul Miniplex-41 USB and it ALL worked the first time...

Tim Sweeny, sailor

The MiniPlex-41 is used in our lifeboat where we have a pretty good redundant navigation system with dual chart computers, GPS's, compasses, radars and one autopilot. The MiniPlex-41 is an essential part in integration of these equipment. I strongly recommend it to anybody who likes to improve navigation by interconnecting navigational devices.

Pekka Erkkilä

The multiplexer arrived a few weeks ago and I was able to install it on my sailboat last weekend. It works great and I am very pleased with it. Very nice product. It's very nice to be able to have two GPSs installed and not have to worry if both are on at the same time.

Bob Hinden, sv Acacia

San Francisco
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