Tips, Tricks & Solutions for the MiniPlex-2 series multiplexers

Configuration problems after a firmware update After a firmware update of a MiniPlex-2 the configuration might be wrong or the filter & routing list might contain corrupt entries. It is advised to reset the multiplexer to its factory settings after a firmware update to prevent this from happening. This factory reset is done by entering the following command in the Manual NMEA Sentence Input of MPX-Config:


Prior to updating, the current configuration can be saved with the File menu. After the update and reset, the configuration can be loaded again.

Slow WiFi connection

The MiniPlex-2Wi creates an Ad-hoc network or hotspot with a so-called Auto-IP address. When a laptop, iPad or iPhone tries to connect with this network, it is most likely configured to get its IP address from a DHCP server. The MiniPlex-2Wi however does not provide DHCP services and it can take up to a minute before the device decides to assign itself an Auto-IP adress in the same range as the multiplexer. So overcome this delay, you can assign a static IP/netmask address yourself in the network properties of the WiFi settings on your device.

Use IP address and netmask A gateway address is not needed.

Missing NMEA sentences
(only with V3.13.x)

Due to a small misconfiguration of the WiFi module of the MiniPlex-2Wi, short NMEA sentence are not transported correctly or even missing completely. This can be solved by changing a setting of the WiFi module. It is advised to update your multiplexer to the latest firmware version first, before changing this setting.

This problem is resolved in V3.15.0 and up.

To change this setting, a few special commands need to be sent to the MiniPlex-2Wi using the Manual NMEA Sentence Input of MPX-Config. The commands are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as listed. The table below lists the commands and the expected response.

Command Response
PSMDWI,save $PSMDWI,Storing in config
PSMDRESET $PSMDVER,3.13.3,MiniPlex-2Wi