The MiniPlex-3Wi is an advanced multiplexer which combines NMEA 0183 data from multiple sources into one stream.

It also has two NMEA 0183 outputs, a USB port and a WiFi interface, and received NMEA 0183 sentences can be individually be routed to each of these outputs.

The USB port and WiFi interface are bi-directional, so they can transmit NMEA 0183 data to a connected devices and at the same time, they can receive NMEA 0183 data to be routed to one or both NMEA 0183 outputs.

Communication speeds up to 115200 baud are supported.

The WiFi interface serves as access point and client simultaneously. Thus, devices can “connect” directly to the MiniPlex-3Wi but, if desired, the MiniPlex-3Wi can also join an existing WiFi network. 


Input 1 can be set to SeaTalk mode, so it can transmit and receive SeaTalk data. Received SeaTalk data is converted to NMEA 0183 while NMEA 0183 data from any input,USB port of WiFi interface can be selectively routed and converted to the SeaTalk port.

All NMEA 0183 inputs, outputs and USB port are galvanically isolated, thus preventing any chance of ground loops.

A comprehensive set of features include routing/filtering of NMEA 0183 sentences, numerous conversions, prioritisation of data etc. make the MiniPlex-3Wi the ultimate solution for any interfacing requirement.