MPXConfig3Pro changelog

Version Date Description

New Features

Control added to select between STW or SOG for calculating true wind. Checkbox added to enable the use of an internal magnetic variation table.


New Features

Captions of heading conversions have been changed. HDM is removed from "Heading Magnetic <-> True" and THS is added to "Reverse Heading".

The Port selector now shows "friendly" port names like "MiniPlex-3 Serial Port (COM3)" instead of just "COM3".

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would still show a "Multiplexer does not respond"-message when the Disconnect button was clicked before the communication time out was expired.


New Features

The NMEA 2000 Manufacturer Code-table has been updated. Several new manufacturers were added, as well as the missing code for Furuno. This table is used to fill the "Manufacturer" column in the NMEA 2000 Devices window.


New Features

Increased communication speed settings
The communication speed of all NMEA 0183 inputs and outputs has been increased to 115200 Baud.


Bug Fix

When using the input selector in View Options to select an input beyond Input 4, data from the wrong input would be shown.


New Features

Routing of NMEA 2000 data
The routing table now stores NMEA 2000 device names instead of Source Addresses. This is more intuitive and it maintains a correct routing table if Source Addresses change when new devices are connected to the NMEA 2000 network.

Improved communication
MPXConfig3Pro now checks the communication with the MiniPlex-3PRO. All commands sent require an acknowledgement.
TAG Blocks are now only enabled during an active connection with MPXConfig3Pro. These are used for filling the routing table using a Capture or when selecting a specific input for viewing. When MPXConfig3Pro closes the connection, TAG blocks are always disabled automatically by the MiniPlex-3PRO unless the TAG Blocks option is checked.
This prevents TAG blocks from remaining enabled, which can cause problems with navigation software with sloppy NMEA 0183 parsers.

Processing NMEA 0183 sentences has been optimized, reducing processor load from roughly 50% to 2-3%. This greatly improves the responsiveness of MPXConfig3Pro, no matter how much data is being received from the MiniPlex-3PRO.

Bug Fixes

Capture the routing table
Proprietary sentences ($PSMD...) are no longer captured. This prevents numerous "PSMDN"-entries in a captured routing table.

Versions are numbered as 'Vm.n.p'. These numbers have the following meaning:


Major version number. This number changes when significant improvements to the firmware are made.


Minor version number. This number changes when small features are added to the firmware.


Patchlevel number. This number changes when bugs are fixed. The feature set remains the same.

When 'm' or 'n' are changed, a new manual will be available as well as a new matching version of MPX-Config.